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Laurence's Lullabye
Laurence's Lullabye

I always wanted somebody
To write a song about me
But Nobody ever did

So I thought i'd write this song
And dedicate it to me
And I thought you could all sing along.....

Laurence's Lullabye

Well they say that love is the reason
That we're all meant to be
I say love is the truth and love is the way
I say love is you....
You and Me....

Laurence's Lullabye

So I played my football
And I wrote my songs
And I married my beautiful wife
We had two beautiful sons

What more could any man ask for in this life ?

Laurence's Lullabye
Short Song Description:
My life
Long Song Description:
My life
Story Behind the Song:
My life
Lyric Credits: Laurence Watkins
Music Credits: Laurence Watkins
Producer Credits: Laurence Watkins
Publisher Credits: Laurence Watkins
Performance Credits: Laurence Watkins
Label Credits: Laurence Watkins
Song Length: 2:36
Primary Genre: Folk-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: -